Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Companion

Kia Ora!

Well this week has been really good. The week started off by saying goodbye to my companion and sending him home. Then the rest of the day I was with my district leader and his companion for the next few days until we got our new companions. The cool thing is that in one of my last areas we all served together. So we had some good times when were together. I found out who my new companion would be. It is Elder Canoy from the Philippians. He's crack up. He is super short and has a pretty high pitch voice that is just funny when you hear it. 
Wednesday I was the day we got our companions. We waited at the bus stop for ages waiting for them to show up but the bus ended up being super late and we were just sitting there for ages. 
Thursday I was just showing my companion around our area and having him meet everyone. It’s cool one of our members has all the new missionaries that come into the area drink a massive mug of milo, which is basically hot chocolate. We can't leave the house till its finished. And when he finishes it you have to hold it up side down over your head to make sure that you drank every last drop. It’s a fun little tradition they do. 
We are still working with Ezra, who is less active and has a smoking problem. We started to show him the 12 step videos and he just really loved them. You are only supposed to watch one a week and apply the principles it shows you but he wanted to keep watching them. We ended up watching the first 3 step videos. It was just crack up. That’s not the only time I have had that happen either. It’s crazy cause the videos are super powerful. We have been getting really close to him as well. Every lesson always ends up with tears being shed. We have this really close bond with him. He is super easy to talk to.   He is honestly like a best friend to me right now. I could talk to him about anything and we could talk about it for ages. So things are getting better with him. We told him every time he gets a desire to pick up a cigarette to give us a call and get his mind off of it. That will hopefully take in effect this week and we can see some more progress. 
Also, one of our investigators who was supposed to be moving out of our area has decided that they will move but stay in Wellsford which was good to hear because they are so close to being ready for baptism. They had us over for lunch on Sunday after church and that was cool. 
This week we will be meeting with the Footes family who is part member family. We will hopefully set the kids for baptism on Wednesday. So good things are happening in the are. We just hope it continues. We have been praying for something to happen for us because we haven't had that much success lately and we are hoping we can change that. 
Elder Canoy and I get along really well, he is a bit different but we still get along. I just hate the first week of the transfer with a new companion because you are still trying to get accustomed to each other. But I am excited non the less. So thats my week. I love you so very much! 

Elder Shannon    

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