Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Things like that don't just happen...

Kia Ora,

This past week was a really good week. It was one of those weeks where you just feel super good about the work that you have done. It is awesome feeling even if you weren't super successful, you still enjoyed it and know that you did your best. We had a really cool experience earlier on in the week. When Elder Canoy and I got in the car and we were low on gas. So we went to fill up and when we get to the gas station none of the pumps were working. They were all out of service. We had no idea what to do and remember, we stay in a very small town so this is the only gas station in our town. The next one is 30 minutes away. So there is no way we could make it to another one that far away. We started to think about what we could do because the gas light was on so we could hardly do anything. So we went back to the flat and said a prayer. We prayed that Heavenly Father would give us direction and guidance on what we should do.We got the impression to knock some doors around our flat. We both were kinda like what the heck? These doors have been knocked on by missionaries several times over that past few years. But we did it anyway because thats what we felt like we needed to do. We started at our neighbors house just next door to us and we know them pretty well but they have never really been that interested. We knocked on there door and some one else came to the door. It ended up being on of there kids who was in town visiting and he was baptized a few years ago and has been less active since than. We started talking to him and he let us in. We asked him about his baptism and all of that stuff and asked why he had stopped going to church.  He told us and we were able to help him and just talk to him about it. I won't share what it was that was keeping him from going. So if we had been able to fill our car up on gas we would have gone to a completely different part of our area and never thought to have gone there. He was only there for a few days but we were able to catch him and talk to him. It was such a cool experience. It’s so cool how the Lord works, to the extent that he made sure that the gas pumps were broken haha. It’s kinda funny as well. Things like that don't just happen, they happen for a reason. It’s even funnier by the time we finished we went back to the gas station and the pumps worked. Crazy aye? 
Also this week we attended a funeral. That was good. I love the culture and tradition that the Maori's have for there funerals. It’s like a 3 day thing and heaps of food. It’s honestly one of the cooler things you could be apart of. It’s just so unique and different and very special and sacred. That’s all I have for this week though. I hope all is well. Love ya heaps! 

Elder Shannon

p.s. Also I got a tattoo this week as well. I really like it haha jokes its not real but lowkey I want to get a tattoo on my forearm   

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