Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

He is a Perfect Example

April 2 2017

Kia Ora! 

This last week was awesome. Some many things happened this week. To Start things off we found 3 new investigators this last week which we were ecstatic about. All of them are Filipino. My companion worked his Filipino magic on them and they were happy to have us over to there home. The first 2 names are Chi and Cha. They are not related, they just have similar names which is ironic. But all the Filipinos in our area all know each other. 
On Tuesday night we had a massive dinner with them and there was like 15 other Filipinos there. It was so awesome. So there is some other potential there as well we hope we can work with. But they were all willing to listen and they had some questions and were willing to share experiences with us. And after this experience I can see why the Philippines baptizes so much. They recognize that we are servants of God and love and respect us unlike most people. So it was super awesome. 
The other that we found is Erma. She married a man from New Zealand. He is white and when we first met him I was expecting him to brush us off and not want to have anything to do with us because thats how most of the white people are here. But not him, he was super nice. He is not super interested in religion but loves talking to us. Things just seemed to go our way this week. We are really wanting to get things going and especially me. I want to get a baptism in this area super bad because the branch deserves a baptism and they are so close to getting it. We just have to keep trying and trusting in the lord. 
I am super excited for conference. I will watch conference a last time on the mission this weekend for me which is weird to think about. The days are getting faster and so are the weeks. Everything is starting to become a blur. Its so strange. But I am still loving every moment of it. My studies have been super good lately. I have been studying Alma the younger super closely. I decided I wanted to study specific people and there accounts and stories they have. It has been so awesome because I can just focus on that one person and on there attributes and all the things they have done good at. I love Alma the younger so much because he is so sick! I like when he is telling his son Helaman his conversion he had when him and his brothers were trying to destroy the church. It’s in ch. 36 of Alma. I could only imagine what it was like for Helaman to here that from his dad. It is such a powerful experience. We are talking about Alma being not being able to move, talk, eat or drink for 3 days and 3 nights. No movement at all. And he offers up a prayer to Heavenly Father asking for forgiveness. Alma remembered what his dad had told him concerning the coming of the Saviour and the Atonement that he would perform. This gave him peace and comfort and it was able to change his heart and his behavior about everything he had done. It is such a great example of how our Saviour can give us that peace and comfort knowing that he has performed the Atonement for us. For me, for you, for everyone. Christ didn't do it to say that he was better than everyone else. He very well could have done that and been selfish enough to not even perform the Atonement for us. But he did it because he loves us. He is the perfect example. I am just lucky enough to have this knowledge in my life. It gives me the strength to keep going everyday knowing that the knowledge I have can change someones life forever! I love this Gospel. 
That’s all for this week. Have a great week!

Elder Shannon       

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