Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Feeding the Spirit


This last week was a pretty solid week. On Monday we had our zone p day and we did an amazing race sorta thing which was pretty fun. Then we had a water balloon fight and we also played football as well. Almost everyone from our zone is from here in the pacific and they have never played so it was pretty fun to teach and play it. 
We also had interviews and zone conference as well. That was on Thursday and Friday back to back which was pretty tiring.  Interviews were really good. It's funny because I am pretty sure President Balli is trunky. Normally he is always asking about our obedience, planning and our area. But this was very different. We started making fun of the new missionaries who watch General Conference for the first time and they say its there first time watching all the sessions. And then he started making jokes about one of our branch Presidents who is just pretty crazy. It was interesting because he normally isn't like that. It was a super relaxed interview and just funny. 
My favorite one was with Sister Balli. She shared a video with me and than we talked about it. The video was entitled "Daily Bread: Pattern" It talks about us having to always feed our physical needs but how we also need to feed our spirituality. And I remember a talk I heard and I forget where I heard it but the person giving the talk stated that every time we get hungry we should also think to feed our spiritual side at the same time. It was an interesting comparison because there are times when it’s hard to tell when our spirit is hungry. That’s why it’s so important to always constantly feed it because it can be hard to tell when our spirit is hungry. And then when we do notice that it is, it’s hard to get our selves to feed our spirit. It just really hit me and was super good because I was really needing that at that time. 
On Friday we then had zone conference which was really good. They split us up and we had little work shops which was different because we normally just do the same format every time. We sit down and they give us training's for 6 hours so it was finally nice to mix it up. Yesterday was pretty interesting. 
We attended the Wellsford Branch and there was about 11 people that chowed up to church which was pretty sad but school is out for a few weeks here and so people are out on holidays but it was still sad. I got to pick the hymns for sacrament which was pretty fun and Elder Canoy and I got to be the first and second counselor for the day because both of them were gone. So it ended up being pretty fun. 
But Ya holidays here sucks because we school is out people always go out of town and it makes it super hard when you want to teach or visit less actives when they are all gone. It makes the week go by slow.  
That’s all I have from this last week. 
Love you! 

Elder Shannon

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