Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Miracle In Bream Bay

Kia Ora,

This past week has been nuts. The weather here has been crazy over the past week. Last week I talked about how it rained so much, well that was nothing compared to what we got this last week. We had what they call a cyclone which is pretty much just a mini hurricane. It rained all week. I don't think the sun came out once. Lots of rain and the wind was pretty bad too. 
The cyclone came in on Thursday and just went along the whole east coast of New Zealand. We were without power from Thursday night to Saturday night. It was terrible. Sister Balli sent out a text to all the missionaries to stay inside all day Friday. It was just hectic. There was water everywhere. Fields were flooded and so were some of the roads. Luckily where I am though that’s about all that happened. Auckland got it worse. They had flooding and mud slides and all that stuff. It was crazy! 
Sunday came around and it was such a beautiful day I couldn't have asked for a better day on Easter. It was sunny with a few clouds in the sky and the temp was around 60-70 degrees. It was awesome. So that was that. 
On Saturday we were on trade off with our zone leaders. I was with Elder Telleman in there area. it was my first time going into there area. There area consists of one long road and that is pretty much it. All we did was drive up and down that road. It was super annoying. But it was good. Elder Telleman and I go home at the same time so we just talked about home and made ourselves pretty trunky haha. It was fun. He is from Australia. 
Yesterday though was awesome. Yesterday was just a miracle itself. Like I was saying that the weather on Sunday was just awesome. Well it was much needed. Our chapel in Bream Bay is a house. For sacrament we meet in the garage. We had about 80 people attend our branch for Easter. It was packed. There wasn't enough room in the garage so we had to open up the garage and people had to sit outside. The Lord had blessed us with a great day for this occasion. At least that’s what I think. Now this is where you start to see the Lord work in mysterious ways. We weren't expecting this many people to show up to church. 
Every week that we attend the Bream Bay Branch we bless and pass the sacrament and I didn't even think to look at how much bread and water we had just until about 5 minutes before the sacrament song. We normally only have 2 bread trays and 2 water trays. So I looked under to see how much bread and water we had. We had 1 slice of bread on each tray and the water was filled up as normal. I looked up at the member next to me and across from me and we all just looked at each other with the same look like "oh my gosh, what are we going to do?" We didn't have any more bread to use. So we just went with it. We made it through with the bread but the water was my concern. No cups to refill either. I thought we would only get to half of the people with the water. But as they are passing they both finish up passing and come back with one cup left on each tray. One for both of them to whom were passing. We all just looked at each other and laughed about it because there was no way we were able to have done that. It was crazy. It may not seem like that big of a miracle to you but it was to us because of the situation we were in. It was crazy. 
We also got a new investigator after church as well. His name is Frank, he just married a member a few weeks ago and they just recently moved in. He told us that he wants to be taught and baptized so that was cool. We just hope he is not build ups about it. So that is our week. It was indeed a crazy one. 
I love you heaps! Have a great week!

Elder Shannon

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