Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Boys II Elders


This week has just been absolutely crazy. So many events happened this week. So everyday for the week and a half during our lunch break we have been practicing a dance for our ward conference weekend and also the Samoan ward because they were having a missionary weekend which I will talk a little more about later. But ya we have been doing that every day for an hour. There are 6 of us missionaries in the dance. 
Thursday we went on trade off with the Samoan Elders that live with us. I went with Elder Salesa in there area. They get to cover the whole stake which is pretty cool. I wasn't able to do much because I can't really speak Samoan except for a few words but it was still fun. It was still really good though. We had a pretty good day. 
Friday came around and things just got crazy. We were in the middle of personal study and randomly my companion gets out of his desk super quick to go look in the mirror. 10 seconds later we just hear him scream and the Samoan Elders and I all rushed to him to see what was wrong and he just says "I think I have lice." We all started cracking up. He is freaking out about it. We went and got him some stuff to help get rid of it and it really through off our whole day because we were supposed to have weekly planning that day but we couldn't because he was busy getting rid of his lice. We all think its just dandruff and he has a dry scalp because non of us have it and he says he thinks he has had it for over a month. Its funny because he is just super paranoid all the time about it a we sometimes make fun of it for him lol. 
Later that night was when we performed our dance. Let me tell you now, it was freaking LIT! We first did it in our ward during our Aloha night that they were having for our ward conference weekend. It was super fun. After we performed at that on we had to go to the other ward to do it for them straight after. It was super fun because all of the members were pumped. Everyone heard that we were doing a dance but they didn't know how good it was actually going to be. The ward mission leader in the Samoan ward said that they were going to make us t-shirts for the dance. So we came up with a design and a group name. I will get a picture of the shirts next week. But they are dope! Our group name was "Boys II Elders". So that was really fun to do. 
Alright I should probs share a spiritual experience from this week because I haven't yet. Late Friday night at 10:30 we get a call from one of our members telling us that her 3 year old son was just recently rushed to the hospital in intensive care. I forgot what it is that he has but he has some sort of disease when he was born and its been pretty bad ever since than. She asked if we could come give her son a blessing. So at 10:30 pm we drove to the hospital in the city to give a blessing. It was a super cool experience because it was super late we were both tired and we just wanted to sleep but we were blessed for it. We felt the spirit super strong. The next morning we got a message from her telling us that her son is doing much better which was awesome because it wasn't looking super good at the start but he is doing better. 
Elder Whalley and I just felt really good after that. We still haven't made up the sleep from that night but still worth it because we felt we were fulfilling our callings not only as missionaries but as priesthood holders. That next morning we participated in the missionary weekend for the Samoan ward. We went on splits with there members and did some tracting and trying to get the members more involved. It was super fun. We had a massive feed afterwards which is always a plus. Sunday was really good. Church was awesome. 
In Gospel Principals class we talked and read about baptism. We have this investigator, Bro Taylor whose wife and kids are all members but him. He has been getting taught for ages and comes to church every week and participates he just won't get baptized. But the lesson was really good because he had some concerns about it that we didn't really know about and we were able to answer his questions. We are almost there with him we just have to keep praying. So that is pretty much my week.
 I hope you have a great week. I love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon     

Monday, May 22, 2017

Last Interview with President


Another week is in the books. This week has been an alright week. I hate to say it but it was just kind of a weird week. We had interviews with president for the final time before he goes home. So that was pretty sad. We spent all day giving training's to each companionship in the zone. We starter at 11 am and went all the way to 6 pm. It was so tiring for us and we had to give the same training like 6 times. It was good though. My interview with President was really good. He always has an answer for everything and knows exactly what to say. I am super grateful for him because he has helped me so much. He has a little over a month before he goes home. 
In my interview we, I, asked him how can we help someone develop trust again? And he gave me an equation that I really loved. Time + Experience = Trust. I thought about it more after the interview had finished and its the same with developing that faith we have in Jesus Christ. It takes time for one to have certain experiences that help us to gain a testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It doesn't come at one moment, it takes time. So I thought that was really cool. 
Man I am trying to think of everything that happened this week and nothing to exciting. It was a down week for us. Appointments getting cancelled and pushed back. Something fun we have been doing lately is doing zone blitz's every Saturday. We go to one of the companionship area as a zone and tract in there area hoping that we can help increase there finding and giving them new people to teach. It has been super fun because we have been getting the YSA to come out with us and we are able to trade off with them and go knock some doors which as been really fun. Its always fun taking the YSA out and have them experience missionary work. 
I don't have a whole lot of time today so this will be a quick one. Nothing super exciting happened this week so there wasn't much to tell anyways. But I love you heaps and hoe you have a good week!

Elder Shannon

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Unexpected Are Transfer

Kia Ora

Man I don't even know where to begin for this past week. It was so hectic this past week. It was our transfer week this last week. And I wasn't really expecting to get transferred. I thought I would stay and finish up in this area. But that is not what happened at all. I ended up getting transferred back down to Auckland. Which I was pretty excited about because didn't want to finish up north. I was pumped about that. 
I am a Zone Leader again which I wasn't to excited about because I don't want to really have to worry about anyone else. But its all good. I can live with it (hahaha). My new area is in the Panmure Stake in the Stonefields Ward. There are heaps of islanders here which is mean because that means the food is going to be good. My new companion in Elder Whalley. He is from Australia. He is super cool. He laughs at all the stupid things I say which is a plus for me. 
So yeah, I spent all day Tuesday packing and saying goodbye to everyone there. It was a very stressful day because of having to pack and than having to drive to both areas to say goodbye. On Wednesday I left for Auckland. A few other missionaries and I took the bus back down to Auckland. When we got to the bus station down in Auckland no one was there to pick us up. We had to sit outside in the cold for about 30 minutes while we waited for the other missionaries to come pick us up. That sucked because it was cold. 
Our ward is awesome and so is the area. We have quite a few investigators who we are working with at the moment. We haven't really had much time to proselyte this week because we were so busy. 
Friday we had MLC which was really good. It was probably one of the best ones I have been to. It was just super spiritual. President got pretty emotional towards the end. So he showed up to MLC a little bit late and towards the end he explained to us why. He told us that he was taking a missionary to the airport to go home early and then he said that he was going to be taking another one home after the meeting was over. He went on to say how hard it is to call the parents of that missionary and tell them that there son or daughter is coming home early. He started to tear up and than he asked us how we can stop this from happening. We had a really good discussion as MLC group about it. It was probably one of the more spiritual meetings I have had on the mission. I feel super bad for President when he has to deal with a missionary like that who doesn't really care because he is just wasting everyone's time. As an MLC we came up that as leaders we need to step up and stop the problem before it gets worse or try to deal with it ourselves. And if we can't then we talk to President about it. So that was that. 
Saturday and Sunday we have just been going around and trying to meet everyone in the ward. We did have some really good lessons. We have the Taylor family who is all members except the husband. So we taught him the Plan of Salvation on Saturday night and it was a solid lesson. The only problem is that he will tell us when he wants to get baptized. He hates it when we ask so it sucks because we have know idea if and when he wants to get baptized. He comes to church every week and loves having the lessons and knows heaps about the church. There is also this couple Jane and Paula who was just recently baptized a week ago. They are super cool. Paula just received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday during church which was super cool. We went over to there house towards the end of the night to talk a little bit more about the Priesthood and we had a solid lesson with him and his wife about the Priesthood. He was super into it. It was super awesome! 
Man this past week was just hectic for me but it’s all good. It’s weird to think that this will be my last area and probably my last companion. Its getting weird. Thats all I have for this week. 
Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon