Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Last Interview with President


Another week is in the books. This week has been an alright week. I hate to say it but it was just kind of a weird week. We had interviews with president for the final time before he goes home. So that was pretty sad. We spent all day giving training's to each companionship in the zone. We starter at 11 am and went all the way to 6 pm. It was so tiring for us and we had to give the same training like 6 times. It was good though. My interview with President was really good. He always has an answer for everything and knows exactly what to say. I am super grateful for him because he has helped me so much. He has a little over a month before he goes home. 
In my interview we, I, asked him how can we help someone develop trust again? And he gave me an equation that I really loved. Time + Experience = Trust. I thought about it more after the interview had finished and its the same with developing that faith we have in Jesus Christ. It takes time for one to have certain experiences that help us to gain a testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It doesn't come at one moment, it takes time. So I thought that was really cool. 
Man I am trying to think of everything that happened this week and nothing to exciting. It was a down week for us. Appointments getting cancelled and pushed back. Something fun we have been doing lately is doing zone blitz's every Saturday. We go to one of the companionship area as a zone and tract in there area hoping that we can help increase there finding and giving them new people to teach. It has been super fun because we have been getting the YSA to come out with us and we are able to trade off with them and go knock some doors which as been really fun. Its always fun taking the YSA out and have them experience missionary work. 
I don't have a whole lot of time today so this will be a quick one. Nothing super exciting happened this week so there wasn't much to tell anyways. But I love you heaps and hoe you have a good week!

Elder Shannon

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