Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Transfer

Malo e lelei

This week was pretty freaking hectic. The start of the week was really good. We had zone P-day and Presidents wife came to it which was cool. It was really fun. We did a scavenger hunt and played Laser tag. 
We also got transfer news as well that night. My companion Elder Whalley got transferred which was sad because I was hoping he would kill me. But nah. My new companion is Elder Chi from Malaysia. He is pretty cool. He has about 4 months left so we will probably be making each other trunky the whole time lol. Nah I’m just playing. We gonna smash it out my last transfer. It’s weird saying that. But ya it’s happening. 
Transfers was pretty hectic its self. Everyone meets at our chapel in our zone so we are in charge of making sure everyone goes where they need to be and all that stuff. It was pretty stressful. But it was good fun. 
We had a mean lesson with our investigator Saia. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was intense. We had like a 2 hour long lesson with them. It was solid. It was pretty frustrating because he is just so stubborn. We talked a lot about baptism and he expressed to us why he doesn't want to get baptized (yet) hehe. When we were closing up we were trying to think of what we could say to him that would help him to come unto Christ. So  the spirit totally hit us and took over. We asked him if he has a sincere desire to follow Christ. We talked a little bit more and Elder Chi and I just bore our testimonies on the Saviour. It was the first time I have ever cried in a lesson my whole mission. We explained to them how important it is to follow our Saviour and the importance of his gospel. It was a good way to end our lesson. 
Another cool experience was at a Come and See fireside our mission holds once a month for investigators to come and to listen to musical items and to hear recent converts speak. It was President and Sister Balli’s last one and we surprised them by singing the EFY medley. They sat at the pulpit and all the missionaries walked up to the front and faced them and sang it. It was so freaking cool. There was like 130 of us singing it. It was super loud and powerful. They got super emotional and it was the first time we have seen President Balli cry. We will be doing a haka for them this week before they leave next week which will be super cool. We will be practicing the rest of p day for it. 
Other than that nothing else happened. And to be honest I can't be bothered doing long emails anymore haha. But things are going super well right now. I hope you have a great week this week. 
I love you heaps! 

Elder Shannon 

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